Hi, wonderful MAC Families!
If you have any gently used aquariums (5 gals up to 40 gals – any larger and it is too big to normally deal with), gravel, filters, pumps, plants, nets, or decorations we would love to help you re-home them to the Aquatic Science classes. We will also consider any live plants or fish that you would like to share if you have too many in your own aquariums (not quite ready for them, yet, but we will be in a few weeks).

Please email me, Elaine Bohls-Graham, at elaine.bohls-graham@austinisd.org (best way to get hold of me) if you have any questions or wish to set up for a drop-off. When dropping off, please remember to check in with the front office and they can send it down to room 154. I want to thank you all for helping us out. It is a win-win!