Austin ISD has tiers of mental health support for our students and it all starts with the school counselor.

Why it matters: Recently, we have seen an increase in students and families asking for mental health support, so we want to make sure you know where you can receive help.

Go deeper: The first step to receiving mental health support is seeing the campus counselor.

  • Campus counselors listen and assess what a child is going through and connect the family with additional mental health services.
  • Licensed Mental Health Professionals are also available for all schools to consult with counselors on care plans.
  • Children may be referred to our school mental health providers for more intensive clinical care: Gramercy Specialty Clinic, Texas Child Health Access Through Telemedicine, or Integral Care.

The bottom line: Counselors are the hub for connecting families with additional mental health services. They work hand-in-hand with Licensed Mental Health Professionals to figure out the best plan to get your child what they need.


  • What they’re saying: “We have a robust list of counseling therapy services that help our LMHPs support all students. It’s what we do. We are here to help our families determine what level of service we can provide beyond their school counselor,” said Dr. Twyla Williams, director of counseling, crisis, and mental health.