Grocery Card Program

McCallum Grocery Card Program – Sign Up Today!

Ordering grocery cards from McCallum is the easiest way to support our teachers, staff and students. Last year we raised $2,000 for our school, and this year we are trying to raise even more. The best part is, it costs you nothing!


How does it work?

Sign up to buy HEB $100 gift card(s) on a monthly basis. You give the PTSA $100, and we give you a $100 gift card(s). No money out of your pocket! HEB then gives the PTSA $4 for every $100 purchased. Easy as that! The program runs all year long.You can use your cards at Central Market or any HEB. We will mail the cards to you at the start of every month. To get started, just download the form and fill it out. Attach a voided check to verify your account information. Then mail it to the address on the form or drop it at the office.
If you sign up before the 10th of the month, you should get cards for the next month. So don’t hesitate, sign up now!


How does this help McCallum?

The PTSA uses the money to make a positive impact on our students, teachers, and staff. The money is
used for a variety of programs, including Project Graduation, Staff Appreciation and helping teachers with expenses.


Thank you for taking part!


Be a Good Neighbor – Randall’s Good Neighbor Program

The next time you’re at Randall’s, pick up a Remarkable Card application at the courtesy booth to fill out and link your card to our MAC account. Randall’s will pay us a percentage of our account total, so be sure to use your card every time you shop.

Don’t forget to tell your friends and family that they too can help MAC by linking their Randall’s Remarkable card to Account number – #711.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I pay for the card with a credit card?
No, sorry we can’t process payments through a credit card. Checks only please.

If I buy a card for HEB, can I use it at Central Market?

Can anyone in the family use the card?Do you have to sign for purchases?
Anyone can use the card. It’s like a gift certificate. The card can be used until the amount pre-purchased is exhausted.

Do I have to be a parent of a McCallum student to participate?
No.  Anyone – friend, co-worker, neighbor, extended family – can participate in the grocery card program.

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