MacKnightly Newsletter Submission Form

All submissions must be non-commercial in nature and/or must be affiliated with one of the following: McCallum student/parent clubs or groups; McCallum faculty/staff/administration; AISD staff/administration; McCallum feeder schools; McCallum PTSA

Submission Form: This form is used to track all the posts submitted for publication. This is the best way to make sure information posted is correct. Everything you want to appear in the post, including the wording of the post itself, should be included in the form. The editor will refer you to the submission form if you send an email asking for information to be posted. Please understand this is the most efficient process and it allows the person submitting the information time to review for accuracy.

Deadline: 10am on Friday for the Sunday newsletter. Please note that if  the submission form is sent after Friday at 10am, the item most likely won’t run in that Sunday’s newsletter.

Length: Submissions should be brief (10-15 sentences maximum).  Note that only the first couple of sentences are included in the email — the remainder of your content will be linked to on the web site, so pack the important information in your headline and first two sentences.

Content: The MacKnighly editor reserves the right to edit for grammar, spelling, punctuation and clarity, but do not count on our editor (who is a volunteer) to be your proofreader. If a message is specific to one group (e.g. band parents/families), you should be using your group’s communications channel(s) to send your message vs. a message to the entire school community. Your submission should include information on:

  • who (who should read the post and/or who the post is about)
  • what (what group/organization/event is the post pertaining to)
  • where (if applicable, where is the location of your event or meeting)
  • when (what date and time, if applicable)
  • why (why this information is important or relevant to the reader)
  • and how (what action are you requesting that the reader take — click a link, bring money for something, etc.).
  • attachments and/or links, if applicable (attachments should be pdf format if at all possible)


  • The newsletter editor does not manage the school calendar.  The main school calendar is managed by
  • Formatting
    • Do not use all caps as the editor will have to manually fix them.
    • Do not use bullet points, tables or other formatting.
    • Do not put hard returns in your message; clean them up if it has them.
  • As a courtesy to our readers and because we have a lot of information going out each issue, please consolidate your posts where possible versus creating multiple posts on similar topics.  Or space out your post run dates. We may consolidate multiple, related posts for you if our upcoming issue is too long.

If you do not include all relevant information in your post, the editor may have to come back to you to clarify your information, which could delay its posting in the MacKnightly. We reserve the right to refuse content and/or to redirect you to other ways to communicate your message if the MacKnightly or web site is not the appropriate forum. Questions? Email

Watch for a confirmation email.  If you do not get one (please check your spam folder first though), your message did not get sent to the newsletter editor.

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