Parent FAQs

Scheduling & Calendar FAQ

Monday Aug 14, 2023. The AISD calendar is here.
Graduation date has not been set yet. Check the official Mac campus website, as it will be updated when this information becomes available.
Typically student schedules are posted in Blend the day before school, but some students may not have classes assigned by the first day. (There are 5 counselors and 1800+ students; it takes a lot of work.) On the first day of school, there will be people on campus to help get a schedule. Click this link to access the counseling center on the official Mac website.

The bell schedule can be found here.

Please also visit the official McCallum High School website, where you can find the latest version of the AB calendar.

Typically, students have 4 classes a day – either A day classes (periods 1 - 4 plus lunch and roundtable/advisory/FIT) or B day classes (periods 5 - 8 plus lunch and roundtable/advisory/FIT). Every once in awhile they have all 8 classes (C day) but those are usually held only the day before finals.

Mondays and Wednesdays are A days and Tuesdays and Thursdays are B days. Fridays are either A or B days (not always in a rotating pattern) and are announced ahead of time.

Advisory and Flexible Instruction Time (FIT) is a period of about 20 minutes each day where students either meet with their assigned teacher to work on activities, do homework, or address concerns, or join a meeting. Your student will have an assigned advisory teacher and will get more information from that teacher.

There is only one lunch period from 12:43-1:23. Everyone has the same lunch period.

Students can eat anywhere on campus–the cafeteria, the outdoor picnic tables, classrooms, hallways, etc. My child claims lines to purchase lunch are very long but I can’t confirm. There are several microwaves available. There is no eating in the library but students can usually go there after they are done eating.

Some students take an early morning class, usually something like band or a sports practice. Individual coaches and directors will provide this information.
Seniors may leave campus for lunch. Freshman - Juniors are not allowed to leave campus. If a student needs to be signed out early, a parent or guardian with picture ID has to sign them out of the office.

Technology & Supplies FAQ

Your child can speak privately with the librarians about their needs.

There isn’t usually a specific list. Each teacher may require something special, which will be made known to your student on their first day of that class (Monday for A classes and Tuesday for B classes).

Generally, on the first day your child should have a Chromebook or computer if they have one, something to write with and something to write on. A reusable water bottle and backpack to put it all in is a good idea.

No. A basic: t-shirt, bottoms and sneakers that don’t impede movement is good enough. Dance, marching band, or athletics may have a more specific dress code that your student will be informed about.
They need to request one at lunch time from the office next to the library with a sign on the door saying this is where you request a locker. There are not enough lockers for all students, therefore students are not automatically assigned one.
There are water fountains and refilling stations around campus, so bring a reusable water bottle.
Yes. Students have their picture taken on picture day (whenever that is) and that will be used as their ID. If they miss one/need a replacement, they will be able to get one from the library.
There will probably be a tech day before school starts for issuing a Chromebook to new students (watch for announcements). Generally, any student can get a device or tech support at the Mac library anytime once school starts.
They can print at the library, but there is a charge per page.
Start with the this link. It will walk you through the AISD parent portal, and how to access BLEND, which is where grades can be checked.

Contacts / Volunteering FAQ

Check the official Mac campus website for more info, but generally:

  • All Students in Fine Arts Academy
    (AP) Dr. Samuel Parrott -
    (Counselor) Shelley Goldstein -
  • Last Names A – E (not in FAA)
    (AP) Tami Ballard -
    (Counselor) Loren Croom -
  • Last Names F – Lh (not in FAA)
    (AP) Larry Featherstone -
    (Counselor) Cristela Garcia -
  • Last Names Li – Rn (not in FAA)
    (AP) Teri Kirby -
    (Counselor) Marc Garcia -

  • 504 Coordinator: Josh Amy –
  • College and Career Counselor: Camille Nix –
  • Principal’s Admin Assistant: Bonnie Baker –
  • Guidance Secretary: Anita Canterbury –

Information will be posted around campus for various clubs that will be starting. Your child can start their own club with a faculty sponsor and the completion of a form in the office.
Join the PTSA  or volunteer at the school. The front office and library always need help. Information will be posted on the MacKnightly News as it becomes available.
MACares, a division of the PTSA, has emergency funding available for assistance with rent, utilities, food, or other items for any families from McCallum or its feeder schools. To apply, contact Karen McGarity at She is the school’s Licensed Mental Health Professional and can help you complete the needed paperwork. From there, your request goes to the MACares Emergency Assistance Team.
Teachers may have specific needs but in general, you can:
  • Donate non-perishable snacks to the counselor’s office for hungry kids. Drop snacks off at the front office and say they are for the Counselor’s Snack Cupboard.
  • Sign up to bring Wednesday night dinner to the students enrolled in the Twilight Credit Recovery Program.
  • Sign up to treat a teacher during the year via the Secret Pals program.
  • Donate HEB/Walmart/Shell Gas gift cards (preferably in $25 increments) to the school licensed mental health professional Karen McGarity. (You can drop them off in the office for her mailbox.)
  • Donate to the MACares program

More questions?  Email the PTSA or contact the school office.