McCallum Booster Clubs

Booster clubs support various programs and activities on campus. Use the list below to find sponsors and links to individual booster clubs.

Also see Student Clubs on the school website for faculty sponsor information. NOTE: This opens in a new window on the McCallum school website.

Booster Club Name Booster Club Websites /
Social Media
Booster Club Contact Booster Club Contact Email
Archery Team   Jessica Mann
A/V/Film Boosters   Co-Presidents:
Erica Deiparine-Sugars
Mike Washlesky
Band Band Merch & Sponsorship
Christian Kurtz
Ballet Folklorico   Juana Gun
Gretchen Nagy
Cory Cox
Basketball (Girls) Website Lisa Hobbs
Basketball (Boys)   PENDING
Blue Brigade
(Drill Team)
Nicole Wayman
2022-2023 Booster President
Cheerleaders   Nicole Andrews
Choir   Ashli Pate
2022-2023 Choir Booster President
Cross Country   Lisa Hobbs
Dance   Cindy Bogle
2022-2023 MAC Dance Guild President
Football   Lauren Price
2022-2023 Football Booster President
Guitar   AnnMarie Melendrez
2022-2023 Guitar Booster President
Golf   Clifford Stanchos
Richard Salazar
Lacrosse (Girls)   Michael Murphy
Lacrosse (Boys)   Blair Dancy
Orchestra   Damaris Nicholson
Senior Committee/ Project Graduation   TBD  
Soccer Boys   Yvonne Steckel
Soccer Girls   Stephanie Watson
Softball   Elizabeth Sanders
Swim   Laura Dugan
Tennis   Peggy Dieterich
Theatre/Technical Theatre (Royale Theatre Society)   Sally Hensley
2022-2023 Theatre President
Track Girls   TBD TBD
Ultimate Frisbee   TBD TBD
Visual Arts Website 2022-2023 President: Caroline Love
2022-2023 Vice President: Anne Hood
Volleyball   Kevin McHorse
Wrestling   Richard Salazar