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McCallum Dance Guild provides volunteer and funding support for the McCallum Youth Dance Company. Your Sponsorship or advertising enables the Guild to continue to provide 100% funding of the dance program adjudicators and special events, concert support (program printing and costuming) and the continued growth of the program itself.  The Guild is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization, with tax EIN 81-1735747. 


Sponsorships ($150-$750)

Sponsorships may be purchased by either families or businesses. All levels receive name exposure in all concert programs, on social media and on our sponsor board that is displayed at shows. Level-specific benefits will appear below when you choose “Sponsorship.”


  • Oct 3, 2022 is the deadline for sponsorship in fall show and promotion in BOTH shows.  Ads and Sponsorships placed after this deadline may be included in the spring concert program however ad benefits do not carry over to the next school year.
  • The deadline for the Student Directed show is April 7, 2023.
  • Silver sponsorships can be purchased at any time and do not have ads in the Concert programs.

Ads and Shoutouts ($25-$850)

Ads and shoutouts are available on a season basis (will run in both dance programs) or a per-show basis.


  • Oct 3, 2022 is the deadline for season ads to appear in both concert programs and one-time ads/shoutouts for the Fall Show only.
  • April 7, 2023 is the deadline for one-time ads/shoutouts for the Student Directed show only.
  • Submissions after this deadline will not be placed in the program.