AP Exam Dates

May 13th – 17th

McCallum AP Students and Parents,
AP testing will take place during the first two full weeks of May. Please check your College Board account to see what day/time you are testing. Some students may be taking one or more tests during the late testing administration. More information will be given closer to those dates.

Important Testing Day Info
● Testing locations will be posted in the main entry hall of McCallum before your exam.
● Please report at 7:30 am for the morning exams and 11:45 am for the afternoon exams.
● Bring at least two number 2 pencils (NO MECHANICAL PENCILS), 2 blue/black pens, and an
appropriate calculator.
● If you are taking a Physics exam, remember to bring a ruler or straight edge.
● You’re allowed to bring a snack/drink for your 10-minute break. If you are testing in the
morning (without accommodations), you will eat lunch as usual at 12:43. If you are testing in
the afternoon, please make sure you bring your own lunch and eat before the exam.
● It’s advisable to bring a jacket/sweatshirt or dress in layers, in case the room is too hot/cold.
● Testing Accommodations: If you are testing with accommodations, please remember to bring
your lunch/snacks and drinks to eat during your breaks since you will be testing most of the
● Please reach out to lisa.gorzell@austinisd.org if you have any questions.