We believe is sharing the wealth! Also — that one person’s abandoned COVID craft project is another person’s treasure! The McCallum craft area is all donation-based, so we rely on families to help us keep it stocked for students. It’s a great equity-booster for students who may not have access to these sort of craft supplies at home — as well as supporting teachers who want to do creative projects without going to the grocery store.

Examples of oft-used items: markers, pencil sharpeners, tape (all kinds!), rubber bands, pens, pencils, paper (all kinds!) thread, ribbon, (any other sewing supplies), fabric, felt, coloring books, stencils, stamps/stamp pads, paint brushes, stickers, hole punchers, magazines (for collages), old jewelry/beads, contact paper, pipe cleaners, stationary, wrapping paper, spiral notebooks, backpacks, pencil boxes, glue (all kinds!), scissors (all kinds!), yarn, binders, folders… but of course we are super creative, so let your imagination lead the way!