Link Crew is an orientation program to welcome in our 9th graders so that they get off to a great start at McCallum High School. Link Crew Leaders will play a crucial role because they can share what they have learned throughout their time at McCallum. Leaders will be trained in how to work with incoming 9th graders. Leaders will be partnered and will have a small group of about ten 9th graders that they will guide, mentor and lead through the year. We need student leaders to step up and be an important part of instilling our school pride and culture.

To be a Link Crew Leader, there are some mandatory dates. It all starts with a fun, interactive day where they get to meet fellow Link Leaders, then a few training days, then orientation and then reconnecting throughout the school year so that the 9th graders know that someone has their back. It might sound like a lot, but it takes a lot to make a difference in the world. Check the BLEND homepage for a link to the application or come see Ms. Noack (Rm. 141), Ms. Friedman (Rm. 113) or Mr. Adame (Rm. 145) to get a paper application. We hope your future Link Crew Leaders will apply!