Austin ISD now maintains an official, district-sanctioned website for every campus, so we now have two websites where you can find all things McCallum-related: one for academic & extracurricular info and one for PTSA supported info.

When you’re looking for information that would be provided or decided by Mac campus administrators or staff OR by AISD (example: a staff directory, the principal’s update, enrollment or graduation info, the campus calendar, etc), you will find it at The official Mac site will be updated by Principal Griffith’s designated communications liaison and administrative assistant, Bonnie Baker (

The PTSA site,, features FAQs for parents & guardians, pages for booster club contacts, links for joining PTSA, making donations or purchasing merchandise from booster organizations, MacKnightly News links, and more. If you see something that needs to be edited on the PTSA site, please contact our volunteer PTSA webmaster team at

The sites are linked to one another for easy navigation, and they’ll both typically feature McCallum news that is submitted to appear in the MacKnightly. If you need to submit news items to appear in the MacKnightly weekly email and on both websites, you can do so here: